Lighting is Like a Great Pair of Shoes Everyone needs at least one Fabulous One!!

Lighting is so very important in a house. I see so many times clients will just settle for a so so light. Lighting does not have to be expensive. You can get lighting at so many online places, in stores like restoration hardware and pottery barn. Why just put the same light in your house that everyone in your neighborhood has just because a builder thought it looked good. I don't know too many builders that spend a lot of time selecting great lights do you? Spend some time on finding great lights for public areas like the dining room, foyer and kitchen island. This light sits over a marble island. My husband says it looks like a lobster cage. Lobster cage or not it looks amazing. It has a grey/brown color with distressing on it. I used it for the inspiration for new kitchen cabinet doors with glass inserts. Next time you are remodeling or building think about your lighting make it count. Like a great pair of shoes it is an investment and you will be looking at it for a long time. Make it Beautiful. Stacy Jacobi