The best designers

These three girls inspire me daily 
They help dress me fashionably which means they say things like "are you wearing that ?" They are  all three so different with fabulous personalities
It's  so amazing to see them grow up into amazing young women they are funny , caring, beautiful and keep me on my toes 
They are my biggest fans and I am so thankful for the three of them. 
Xo Daughters are amazing 

Bar stool design dilemma

Today I received an email with a design question on best option for a small bar that was built for a basement. The client wanted to have a back to the bar stool 
This area appears to be a  tight space and by adding three stools with backs becomes too busy I suggested to add a banquette bar height bench by Lee Industries you can do fabric or leather .
The bench keeps the look in the basement clean and neat vs stools everywhere keep it simple 
Happy Monday 

The ugly house

My passion is truly 'the ugly house' I always love the underdog, the story of the ugly duckling the person no one thinks will do something amazing but does so I love an ugly house. In my mind every house like every person has the potential to be amazing. This house was no different it was a small basement rancher it needed help inside and out 
It had the challenge of sitting below the street so many buyers looked right past this house. Even my own family said 'no way' until it was finished . Anyway my love of ugly houses continues as this one is finished and a fabulous family now lives there and enjoy this home.

Happy Sunday 

Cow hides always in style

Here is another one of my favorite things: the cow hide 
I don't care where you live wether it's Texas or New York City everyone can use a little cow hide in their life.  Cow hide is indestructible you can hose it off if you need to clean it! I like it drapes over a sisal rug, in a foyer or even in a bedroom 
Southeast salvage has great ones in gorgeous colors from tan and brown like this one to light grey. Priced to sell from $179-199 that is the cheapest I have seen anywhere. Ikea even has several to choose from so go get your cow hide and dress up your home with a little hide.
Happy Saturday 
Heading to Chick Fil A for another crazy day!!

Fabulous find ;Blue Haus Revival

I love finding interesting little boutique stores in small towns . I found Blue Haus Revival very soon after moving to Ardmore Ok 
The owner Brenda Heller was so nice to me especially as the new girl in town. She is so very friendly and gracious. Her store is so fun with everything from clothes, scarves, Annie Sloan Chalk paint  and great Jewelry 
Here are two pieces I found today one that is metal and the other a leather wrap with words 'I am blessed '
I certainly am blessed and thankful to have stumbled uoon this store and Brenda.
Visit her Facebook page at Blue Haus revival or in person at 1600 McLish ave , Ardmore, OK

Chick Fil A and a busy day

I don't know if many of you know this but I am dividing my time between Knoxville and Ardmore, Ok where David has opened a Chick Fil A. It has been a crazy busy four months since we opened. Owning a Chick Fil A is a blessing for our family and for the community. Today I decided to spend time at the store and worked in the dining room talking to our guests and cleaning tables. Truett Cathey the founder of Chick Fil A said we should have a servants attitude and spending time today reminds me of that and how important it is to talk to people and hear their story and serve them when we can. So many of our guests tell me that they are thankful we have opened a Chick Fil A in Ardmore. Which if you don't know is a small town of about 30k people. No there  is no Target and very few restaurants. So Chick Fil A is an exciting option for the town of Ardmore. I realize this has nothing to do with my love of design and certainly I look forward to my travel back to Knoxville for real estate and my  design jobs. However, It was a good day talking to people who stop by our  Chick Fil A and are happy we are there to serve them great food and a smile.
Photo of David . Caroline, Lauren and Rachel on Grand Opening Day
Tomorrow I will be back to blogging about design.
Happy Wednesday

Things I am loving right now

I know I have upset some with the 'I don't like the red dining room' but I am in love with the navy dining room it's a bold crisp look when paired with white trim 
Also I would love the dining room painted all navy trim included with Benjamin. Moore Hale Navy very dramatic with great pops of art work and the right light 
Go navy or go home is what I am thinking today 

Guide to Kids Bathrooms

Doing a kids bath can be fun and a place to do interesting things. I have loved this sink by Kohler for a very long time. I have finally convinced a client to add this sink to his boys bath in a new construction home. This sink comes in a black finish but can be painted. It is great for tight spaces that don't have a lot of floor space for a traditional vanity. It does have the goose neck faucets you would need to use and a place in the center for tooth brushes. I could also see using open shelves for towels etc and or baskets for extra toilet paper. I don't love the light in this photo and would use a library type light with an arm for over the sink (photo from but love the sink and can't wait to share the bath we will be placing it in very soon.
Happy Sunday.

My Video that HGTV made for me

Hgtv approached me and asked for photos of my work and then made this great video for me 
I have two production companies I am talking to so maybe I can bring my crazy design to more people !!