The breakfast room

In this house the previous owners had a breakfast table and two tall bar stools 
I am planning on of course painting the cabinets in the next few weeks and also lowering the island from bar height to counter height so we can utilize my Lee bongo  cow hide (oh how I love ) bar stools.
Where they had a breakfast table I prefer to use it as a keeping room. I have a small couch and two slip covered chairs 
I have found we use our bar more for eating and our dining table vs a breakfast table 
I also love sitting in an area off the kitchen when I have coffee with my little BFF's
Don't be scared to use rooms in different ways. What works for one family doesn't always make sense for another. If you don't ever use a room think about it in a different way and then change it.
Love where you live! If you don't call me !
Happy Sunday


Chick-fil-A and being Thankful

Many of you know David aka sweet chicken selling husband and I started a new journey last year when David was offered to be the owner operator of the Ardmore Chick-fil-A. Our journey has been an amazing one. David has loved the challenges of running his own business. My daughters have learned the meaning of hard work and meeting many different people. I have been extremely blessed as there are so many of our team members that I love like my own family. I have learned that everyone has a story. Some stories are amazing and some are sad. Our guests all have stories and I love spending time in our dining room meeting with each and every one of them. 
I am truly thankful for the vision Truett Cathey had when he began Chick-fil-A. I am thankful that my family has been included in the Chick-Fil-A family. So many lessons of serving others as I struggled to help my husband at his store there always seemed to be so much work to get done and not enough time !
I have so many wonderful memories as we are almost to our one year anniversary of our store and I wanted to share some photos of last year. 

Bye Bye Brown Kitchen

I am four days away from moving into my next project. I am trying to reuse and rework the existing space and cabinets. I want to first drop down and square up the island so I can use my fabulous Lee cow hide bongo stools. I want to take out the entire area on the right where the tv is located so my BFF and others will have a coffee bar with one side with a counter top and the other side just open shelves for dishes ( to pretend I cook) 

Maybe the right side with open shelves 
(Courtesy of dot and Bo)

And the other side like this one I did with a counter top for serving 

Or even open shelves above the serving area 

Either way that section is coming down and the white spray paint is coming out in full force 
Happy Tuesday 

Love where you Live! If you don't change it, sell it, fix it or paint it!
Stacy Jacobi Interiors 

The necessary items for the next house.

Here are a few things I want to see in my new Knox Box. Some I own, some I don't some may or may not work. I love built ins any time they can be added it gives a great layer to the space and makes it feel more like home. My children, husband and friends are a must. Some Chick Fil A daily is also a necessity. Hope you have a fabulous week.
Love where you live!
If you don't call me
Stacy Jacobi Interiors

Every house needs some Boral Brick Recote Paint like I put on this one 

And a new front door like this one from Sam Vargas!

And Gas lanterns of course for some magic. 
Friends who celebrate how crazy you are!
Friends who call you family and have a room ready for you at all times.
My brown cabinet from OP Jenkins many have tried to buy from me and I hope I can use it in the next house. 

My Oklahoma house with the amazing Urban electric lanterns I will miss you!

My black metal bed and slate grey linen bedding is coming with me !

A great idea for the third floor so my teenagers can read or hide from me. 

Southeast salvage has great lights at great prices for over the new island. 

I love these gold plates with black knobs can I have 30 of these to go please. 

The three daughters always laughing at me or eye rolling. 
I force my sweet friends to eat Chick Fil A 

Barn Frames A Must. 
Lighting for the bathroom from Circa lighting. Always classic yet simple. 

Our Chick Fil A huge blessing for our family and many others. 

I can always find a place for this library light it comes in a variety of finishes. Use it in a bathroom, bedroom or over a bookcase. 

I love this for a powder bath. 

My black King size metal bed I love!.
I love this built in china cabinet would be pretty in a bathroom or hall or kitchen or dining. 

Bookcases I did in a previous house I love the X!

What to say about the middle child: she is funny, beautiful and a tough negotiator 

Everyone needs a cow hide. I was raised on a farm so I can't forget where I came from. This is a good reminder. 

Pizza man can work his magic on any fireplace and you get this clean limestone looking option. 

A house isn't a home without some marble somewhere or everywhere. 

This needs to be built in place of the current kitchen desk please!

Friends that tell you what you need to hear vs what you want to hear -

The Chick Fil A sweet husband. 

The rainbow runners

I love this as a door not a window. 

My take on the modern Farmhouse and new construction

I usually like a good before and after but love new construction. As a Realtor I see many many houses and when it comes to new construction I am sometimes disappointed. With new construction there are so many opportunities to do interesting things instead I see the same thing brown brick,brown walls and oil rubbed bronze fixtures and lights. 
With this project I changed things up I did black windows, lighter walls, darker floors and chrome fixtures. Which by the way are less expensive than oil rubbed bronze and more classic and timeless. I did marble counter tops and yes if you spill red wine on it and roll around on it and leave it on the counter for days it will stain! It's so beautiful it's worth the extra care. I did a herringbone pattern in the foyer and a custom wood door. I used interesting light fixtures and ship lap on some walls for texture and interest. I did a stair rail on the horizontal instead of iron spindles. I know marble and fabulous light fixtures are expensive but I then used subway tile from Lowes and travertine floor tile from Home Depot. Everything doesn't have to be crazy money. 
Happy Saturday 
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