Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful for many things: family, home and, of course, all of you. I'm thankful you are following along on this journey that is so special to me. Special because I truly do what I love. I love taking the place people live and making it home. You and your families are precious and home is where a lot of your best memories are made.

So today as you gobble up goodies and veg out on the sofa, take a moment and check out my new website and branding. It's the new home for my work and I will be adding more and more memories to it—some of them, I hope, yours! Can't wait for the next project. Can't wait to help you love where you live.

How time flies

Life has changed so much in a year 
Our oldest daughter has a fabulous job at Deloitte and bought her first condo in beautiful Virginia Highlands.
David (sweet Chick Fil A husband) celebrated his One year anniversary of his store opening. My sweet Rachel(middle child ) has started her Junior year and trying a new sport swimming. Caroline (the sweet baby) continues her love of riding at Penrose barn and competes on her IEA team. Thankful my girls are able to receive a Catholic education in such a crazy world somedays it's nice to know they are able to start their day with mass and prayer.
Me well I continue to renovate my clients homes and sell real estate. Nothing I love better than being allowed to renovate a home and see the happiness it can bring to a family once it's complete. My dear friend Heather Young and her design partner Jill are working hard on my new website and branding which includes a new logo as well. The website should be live very soon and I am so excited to have a local Knoxville team make me look so amazing via web. Hoping to share this with you soon.
My parents and David's parents are all doing well. Our siblings as well. So today I am just Thankful for all of my blessings of family and being able to work at what I love. No my life isn't perfect we have our challenges with David traveling back and forth to see us in knoxville while girls finish high school. The challenges of raising two teenage daughters. But thankful today as we spend the day in Asheville NC at The Biltmore. Seeing the leaves turning as we travel thru the Smokey Mountains. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Love where you live! Stacy Jacobi Home xo

Projects and paint

I have been working on a project in a beautiful neighborhood in Knoxville called Sequoyah Hills. It has old stately homes and beautiful tree lined streets. I truly have the best job in the world. Looking at homes as a Realtor and helping clients realize all homes have potential. Then being able to renovate and make it beautiful again and furnish it is a dream come true for me. My clients end up becoming like family to me . This is not to say all is perfect there are budgets and decisions and mess to deal with daily. I see what the house can be and the client sometimes sees something else. This can be a challenge. This project has two fabulous clients they love collaborating and then usually defer to me. This house is a two story traditional that needed everything. New Windows, new shutters,new front door,new kitchen and baths and on and on. I can't wait to show more as it gets finished. 

A few beautiful Atlanta Market finds

I had the luxury of driving to Atlanta this week and staying two nights at the Ritz Carlton. My sweet Chick Fil a husband had a meeting and I decided to tag along. It didn't hurt that I was one bloc from Americas Mart or that the Ritz Carlton was connected to Deloitte & Touché where my sweet oldest daughter Lauren works. My day was coffee with Lauren a day at market and dinner with David and Lauren and the boyfriend Patrick. It was a perfect two days. Here are a few things I snapped photos of that I thought were pretty. 
Enjoy your Saturday. Happy Halloween 
Love Where you Live!
sJ Home 


Tonight we went to the wedding of my daughter Lauren's friend. It was at a beautiful Methodist church in downtown Knoxville. Our daughters Lauren (24) Rachel(17) and Caroline (15) looked so gorgeous and all three grown up. It sounds so typical to say I have no idea where the time went. it seems like yesterday David and I we're getting married at St. Patricks. We were so so excited to start our journey of life together. It has been an amazing journey full of ups and downs and so much joy and happiness. Even in the hardest of challenges we have faced I am so thankful for what David and I have together. I have so much love and respect for him. The way he does the right thing all the time. Never wavering in his faith and always dedicated to me and our daughters. Although we aren't together daily each week and time is limited we have so much fun when we are together. I know we are blessed and I am so very thankful for him and our daughters. They have brought us so much joy. They will probably never know how blessed and thankful we are to have them but we are! So tonight as I saw this sweet couple take their vows and dedicate themselves to each other through good times and bad, in sickness and in health until death do they part I pray that their journey will be filled with amazing memories. Just as ours has been. 
Happy Saturday 

Before and After's : It's just the little things that can make a difference

I love to find the good in any house. It is rare that I don't find something redeemable in a house no matter how ugly. The following projects would make most run. I love the things that most people don't see value in and I love the challenge of making it beautiful. This process makes me want to get up each and every day. It's like breathing to me I could talk about design and renovation and building every day. My sweet family has gone thru 15 of those projects with me and probably don't find it as fascinating! I am so thankful that I have had those opportunities to make those homes beautiful. It has made my daughters very forgiving when it comes to a house that needs some help. It would not be unusual for Rachel to provide a list to me when we look at various projects as to what a house needs and what it could be if someone just did a few changes. I don't think you have to spend a lot of money to make some updates. Paint is the least expensive option and can make such a huge impact. Changing a light fixture is like buying some new shoes so even that can make a difference in your space. Sometimes you do need to gut and remove it all and start over as is the case for the bathrooms you will see below. Or replacing doors and windows with new doors again just one simple change can help the space. I hope you have the space you love if you don't call me and we can make it a space you will love to come home to. I hope everyone has a great week. My sweet Chick Fil A husband is returning to Oklahoma and we will miss him until he comes back! Who knows what will have changed at our house while he is away. I have some things I cant' wait to share like painted brick, new front doors and marble counter tops and a farm sink. some great gold cabinet hardware I found at Lowes and some fab lights from Barbra Cosgrove. 
Have a great week!!
Love Where you Live.
Stacy Jacobi Home
This pink brick just needs some Benjamin Moore paint In White Dove 
Before this room just needs some paint and a new light fixture
Finished with just paint and a new light fixture and what a difference it can make

A long metal window and a door replacing this gave better access and view to the pool and backyard.
These Pella sliders are so amazing they can open up on both sides making entertaining easy and great natural light

I am not sure I need to say anything here if you like green tile and pink sinks this bath is for you otherwise it needs more than a few tweaks just a slight gut and redo 

Adding subway on the walls of the shower saves money and the black marble on the floor is beautiful.

This entrance is not attractive and really can't be changed so just changing the door to a double entry makes a big impact

New double doors make the entrance more inviting and help make the two story entrance more appealing

I come across ugly fireplaces daily the client doesn't like the brick or the mantel it's an easy fix with a stucco product

We went right over the mantel with a metal lath and then stucco in a white creme finish looks fresh and updated very little mess and can be done in two site visits

Another bath that needed a face lift and if you can keep the plumbing in the same location you can keep your costs down.

A little marble tile and marble tub surround and doing an under mount tub looks so much better. 

New Construction

I love construction. I love house plans and seeing the excitement on a families face when they decide they are going to build. New construction has so many possibilities it just is so exciting to see what you can create from just a set of house plans. I added some photos of houses that show just how many things you have to select and decide upon. You have to have a reasonable budget or allowances from your builder. It might sound great in theory that a home can be built for one price but once your in the process and realize you want marble counter tops or tier 3 granite or a 30 year dimensional roof you have to make sure you have those items in your budget. There is nothing more disappointing than realizing one light fixture for your dining room is the whole lighting allowance your builder has given you. The process can be daunting and I think you have to be able to visualize what the house should look like once its completed or what you at least want it to look like. Then make your selections. It 's like a puzzle and making sure all the pieces fit. Happy Friday. Love where you live and if you don't lets build it! 
Stacy Jacobi Home

Building a new house
so many choices of lights 

questions to answer Do I want sconces?

What sink, counter tops, faucets, flooring, appliances should I select?
Should I do a farm sink? A double sided undermount?

will this light look good in the space? What color should the doors and windows be? Flooring? Paint color?tile, carpet or hardwood or even brick pavers?

Do I buy custom vanities or stock cabinets, what about mirrors is that in my budget?

Does an outdoor fireplace add value? will I use it?

White cabinets and marble are never trendy and are always in style but is that in my allowances?

Are commercial appliances in my allowances? Which ones do I select? Do I need a commercial refrigerator? A wine fridge? 

Do I need a bar sink and another faucet? Or will I use one?

Custom Built ins? or will you use existing furniture? Lighting allowance? Do I want Lowes lighting or designer lighting?
Does lighting make a difference? 

Do I need a patio? If so how large? 

What kind of windows should I select? Whats the difference? What color? Casement? Double Hung? Should I paint the brick? If so do I use latex paint or Boral Paint? What color for the roof, the trim the gutters?

What type of hardwood? White oak, Red oak, Pine? What color stain? Will that stain go with my paint color? my built ins? 

What kind of faucets do I select? what finish? Polished nickel, brass, oil rubbed bronze, white gold, Chrome?

Will my sweet Chick Fil A husband like it? 

Do I do a trendy color on the island? Is doing trendy things okay? Will I get tired of it?
What kind of backsplash should I use, what grout? Do I need a pot filler? Do I panel the refrigerator or do stainless?

How many fireplaces do I need? What kind should they be masonary? prefab, wood burning? Gas Logs?

Will my children like the new house? What input do they get to provide?

lighting choices??? Stair handrail what type kind color? Custom iron or standard?