My gosh Happy New Year Day 11

Only 11 days into the new year and 2016 is busy 
Busy with Real estate and busy with Renovations busy with my Chick Fil A husband and my three daughters!
I had plans to work out every day and so far I have 3x in 11 days. Ugh not doing well with that plan. I had plans to eat better and well I ate 5 cinnamon rolls for dinner Sunday ( don't judge me please ) so that plan is not going well.
My renovations and real estate business is going well with several design and renovations going on, new real estate listings and some already with contracts! My business is doing better than the excercise eat right plan!
Anyway Happy New Year and I am back to blogging and adding photos of projects soon. Projects that range from a West Hills rancher to a Sequoyah hills traditional to a low country style Riverbend home along with a few smaller design projects in between 
Thankful to be busy helping families buy and sell and renovate their dream homes 
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Happy 2016