Don't settle for boring built ins

We could have selected to build the same old standard bookcases for this family room. I suggested we do a custom built in with lower doors with an 'x' design with plenty of storage behind and upper doors with 'x' design, recessed  panels  and a louvered panel above. The upper cabinets have room for a tv and plenty of storage. This type of design provides a cleaner look and no need for displaying items that might look messy and unorganized. The paint color is Benjamin moore Sea Haze with a umber glaze over the top. Great architectural detail to look at when the tv cabinet is closed.
Happy Sunday 

Martha and Home Depot

I have been looking for a great sunburst mirror in a soft gold color or I should say one that didn't cost $400. I had almost given up when I googled starburst mirrors and Martha Stewart for Home Depot showed up! I was so excited and couldn't wait to get up the next day and go to Home Depot 
I know I have no life ! Anyway the cost of these little Martha's were only $39 dollars best deal ever and they look amazing
Happy Thursday 

Pie in the sky

Oh my gosh buttermilk pie at Buttermilk Pie Sky Shop next to Anthropologie. Shop is so small and cute and pie was amazing (;
Happy Wednesday

1950 amazing

I saw these lamps at a vintage store here in knoxville minus the shades they are vintage 1950's amazing with this cool torquoise color with gold speckles so beautiful 
Reminded me of my Grandma Tula and lamps she would have had in her California house (;

House addict

I am so behind in my blogging 
I have been blessed by being so busy with design work for clients and my own project 

I recently sold my house after a year in that one and have moved on to this one
It is by far my favorite yet 
My good friend JB asked what style is this house I made up the following; New England modern with a hint of Hollywood went to the farm! He said I was full of it! 
Anyway more photos to come of before and after but here is the new iron staircase being built by an awesome iron artist. This house is by far my favorite and hope to move in next week 
More photos to come 

Chickens & houses & gardens

I obviously have too much time on my hands. My latest thought is I want a chicken coop with chickens of course. My current neighborhood is probably not the ideal spot for chickens but see house below it just came on the market with 1.8 acres and so badly needs a remodel and a chicken coop! I must be getting old as I grew up on a 500 acre farm in Oklahoma ( which I said I would never want to do that again) and now I want land and chickens and  a garden. I did just finish reading a square foot garden book and had a raised garden like this picture placed in my city backyard. I have tomatoes, squash and cilantro. But as anyone who knows me well will know when I decide to move I can't get that thought out of my head! I desperately want to have an acre for my chickens ( david my sweet husband says I am losing it) possibly but after moving renovating 12 times in the last 12 years I lost it a long time ago
Stay tuned for the chicken farm 


I wanted to blog about going to the symphony house today but was disappointed by what I saw so many great designers but the house just didn't have a cohesive flow about it. So I decided to blog about something more important my daughter Lauren on the right ( next to her favorite blogger in New York) Lauren is a Senior at Notre Dame graduating In a week
We are so proud of her and all she has accomplished Congratulations Lauren 

Lighting is Like a Great Pair of Shoes Everyone needs at least one Fabulous One!!

Lighting is so very important in a house. I see so many times clients will just settle for a so so light. Lighting does not have to be expensive. You can get lighting at so many online places, in stores like restoration hardware and pottery barn. Why just put the same light in your house that everyone in your neighborhood has just because a builder thought it looked good. I don't know too many builders that spend a lot of time selecting great lights do you? Spend some time on finding great lights for public areas like the dining room, foyer and kitchen island. This light sits over a marble island. My husband says it looks like a lobster cage. Lobster cage or not it looks amazing. It has a grey/brown color with distressing on it. I used it for the inspiration for new kitchen cabinet doors with glass inserts. Next time you are remodeling or building think about your lighting make it count. Like a great pair of shoes it is an investment and you will be looking at it for a long time. Make it Beautiful. Stacy Jacobi

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