Lighting Craziness 101

This week I received a design question via text: it went like this client 'I want to paint my cabinets' me; " that's the least of the issues I see ( I know I am rude at times ) the 5 + pendant lights I saw caused me to feel as If I was on a boat and sea sick! The style is unattractive and then to have that many in one place is overwhelming for me. It would have been one of the first things if it was my house to come down. It would be a "I will live in darkness before looking at all those pendants type of moment!" The good news my client and I have a good relationship and I suggested the following: take all of those down as I have yet to see frosted globes as a design choice in any design/shelter magazines. Let's do some updated lighting throughout starting with removing those pendants. I have used the Pottery barn Bolton lantern in several applications. It's a great price for a lantern and it comes in two sizes. This room is open to many rooms so the larger one is my choice for this room. Using two will give nice light and we will have light from various can lights as well in her kitchen.Her worry was the clear glass may make it too bright so I  suggested dimmers. My sweet chicken selling husband says we could have financed one of our three daughters college education with our investment into having our lights placed on dimmers. Whatever sweet husband bright lights at my age are not my friend !
Anyway back to our lighting issues. 
We have now added the two lanterns my client loves the updated look and we are changing the breakfast room light to a drum shade. Pictures soon of that change happy Sunday xo
Stacy j

The White House (Series)

I have a serious addiction to white houses. I have no idea where this comes from. Maybe if I spend some time in therapy I might discover the reason. Until then I just continue to be addicted to white houses. I should also say I haven't met a brick that couldn't be painted 'white!'
This is one in a series (yes I have plenty to share with you) of a brick I found unattractive and in need of paint. My favorite product is not exterior paint but a product made by Boral Brick called Boral ReCote. Its specifically for brick and on the Boral website this is their definition:
ReCote™, Master Wall's textured masonry coating, creates instant character by adding a beautiful, lightly textured flat finish. This acrylic textured coating is specifically formulated for direct application to masonry, concrete and tilt-up concrete panels. ReCote™ is designed for application with texture spray equipment, but may also be applied with a brush or roll 
I call it White Magic in a Bucket. It can totally transform a home into something completely different. -
 This house had a pink brick that we decided to paint in a soft white. This photo was before we added a new front door. I suggested to leave the shutters off for a cleaner look.

Happy Friday. The White Addiction continues. 

White perfection part 2

I love the color white. My favorite saying is "let's make it white" or "get out the spray gun and paint it white." Maybe not very creative but when you make the space white it opens up the space and it feels fresh and updated. I love Benjamin Moore white dove for cabinets and trim its a gorgeous clean white with some grey undertones and it's crisp but on a softer side. It's my go to cabinet and trim color. 
This remodel had a oversized fireplace that was non functional and then painted green. Painting it green made it a focal point which was not a beautiful focal point. So I love some demo so we said good bye to the green fireplace. We also said goodbye to the green Anne sacks green glass tile and went with a subway tile with a grey grout. Again my favorite go to tile and grout. I don't love glass tile in a kitchen. No special reason I just don't like it. 
White perfection 
Happy Thursday

The amazing fireplace transformation

When you buy an old house and sometimes a new one you can inherit an ugly fireplace surround. I have seen green marble, pink Tennessee marble and even floor tile used as a surround. It's as if the builder or homeowner just decided to buy or select whatever was on sale that day without much thought. I thought the only way to make a fireplace better after the fact was to tear it all out and start over. Until I met Mike aka 'pizza man' he is a fireplace saver. He can transform any fireplace and make it look like limestone. His product is a fire resistant hard coat stucco product. He can do it in a tan color but I prefer a lighter white color. He has saved many fireplaces for me and the cost is reasonable. The process is a two day process and less invasive and messy than if we had to tear it out and start over 
Here is the latest one he did for my client 
I think it looks so much better. We are going for a cleaner updated look in this home and this is the starting point for the living room update.
New furniture next

Happy Wednesday 

White Perfection

I have not blogged in forever! I have been on spring break where my family spent a week in Rosemary Beach (one of my favorite places ) If you haven't been to Rosemary Beach in Florida I encourage you to at the very least drive thru. The architecture is amazing. So many beautiful homes and so fun to just bike and relax. You  can walk to the beach and have  breakfast, lunch and dinner and never get in your car until time to come home.
The other  reasons for not blogging (as I make excuses) is I have traveled to Knoxville to work on some real estate listings and several design projects. Last I have spent time In Ardmore, Ok working at my husbands Chick Fil A. Which has been very very busy!! I am laughing when I say I can cook anything we sell at  Chick fil A and I can also make an amazing Chocolate Shake when needed!
I prefer to renovate / decorate or sell a house instead of making shakes and chicken but sometimes I have to help David.
Thought for your Sunday:

 I have been asking myself  why if you are renovating a bathroom would you select this tub, light, paint color and tile selection in this first photo vs. the second photo. I know I love white so when I initially saw this bathroom my mind went straight to a white free standing tub. I think this corner tub is awkward especially if I  tried  to fit myself into this tight space!! David my sweet chicken selling husband says he too can be a interior designer/renovator and just make everything white. I told him to stick with selling chicken. Anyway, I personally think the space is better with the marble floor, Benjamin Moore paint in London Fog, the Currey light and the free standing egg shaped tub. White perfection.
I am back