Chick Fil A and a busy day

I don't know if many of you know this but I am dividing my time between Knoxville and Ardmore, Ok where David has opened a Chick Fil A. It has been a crazy busy four months since we opened. Owning a Chick Fil A is a blessing for our family and for the community. Today I decided to spend time at the store and worked in the dining room talking to our guests and cleaning tables. Truett Cathey the founder of Chick Fil A said we should have a servants attitude and spending time today reminds me of that and how important it is to talk to people and hear their story and serve them when we can. So many of our guests tell me that they are thankful we have opened a Chick Fil A in Ardmore. Which if you don't know is a small town of about 30k people. No there  is no Target and very few restaurants. So Chick Fil A is an exciting option for the town of Ardmore. I realize this has nothing to do with my love of design and certainly I look forward to my travel back to Knoxville for real estate and my  design jobs. However, It was a good day talking to people who stop by our  Chick Fil A and are happy we are there to serve them great food and a smile.
Photo of David . Caroline, Lauren and Rachel on Grand Opening Day
Tomorrow I will be back to blogging about design.
Happy Wednesday


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