Projects and paint

I have been working on a project in a beautiful neighborhood in Knoxville called Sequoyah Hills. It has old stately homes and beautiful tree lined streets. I truly have the best job in the world. Looking at homes as a Realtor and helping clients realize all homes have potential. Then being able to renovate and make it beautiful again and furnish it is a dream come true for me. My clients end up becoming like family to me . This is not to say all is perfect there are budgets and decisions and mess to deal with daily. I see what the house can be and the client sometimes sees something else. This can be a challenge. This project has two fabulous clients they love collaborating and then usually defer to me. This house is a two story traditional that needed everything. New Windows, new shutters,new front door,new kitchen and baths and on and on. I can't wait to show more as it gets finished. 


Kaiyden Tyler said...

Nice Pic! Its really looking beautiful. I am also looking for renovation my home. This is really helping me. i am going to discuss "IPC Restoration and Renovation Contractors" with this images and hope it help me lot. thanks

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