What I would do with $3000 dollars to update

Here are a few things I would do if I had a $3000 budget either to update my home or get it ready to go on the market.

New Front Door 

A new front door, double or single. This one is a custom cypress door designed by me and handcrafted by my favorite door man Sam out of Morristown, TN. He is amazing.


I also think when it comes to updating or getting your home ready to sell new lighting makes all the difference. Lighting to me is like a great pair of boots or shoes. Spend wisely and your return on investment will be magical. You will get a buyer quicker and or enjoy your home more with a beautiful light. I think most builders miss the mark in this area and one of the things I do immediately when flipping a home or advising my clients.

Low Country Originals light fixtures: 1, 2


Don't underestimate using paint to change a  space. This ugly pink brick and paneling once painted looked amazing. This is an  old 1969  home that just  needed a little paint to increase the value of this home. Two gallons of paint a new light  and you have a brand new space.

Take that ugly oak handrail and say no to the husbands who say "its wood we can't paint it" yes you can!It  looks so amazing when you paint it even regardless if  you have iron  spindles or even white spindles. Paint the handrail and even the white skirt in front of each step it  is an  inexpensive  option that can  update your space and make it more unique. Hides dirt and looks amazing.

White Dishes

I love dishes. Period the end. I love all types of white dishes. Home Goods, Tj Maxx have  great options very reasonably priced. Pottery Barn and even Walmart and Target. Start your collection now they go with anything and work with any house if you stay or if you go white goes with everything and never goes out of style.

Optimizing Unused Space 

We took this dead unused space and created a  butlers pantry. We used inexpensive unfinished cabinets from  Lowe's. Sprayed them with Benjamin Moore high gloss white dove paint. Added a marble top  and a tongue and groove back splash with a open shelves = an  amazing space. We Added a pretty light from Pottery Barn and this space is ready for everyday families or entertaining. We even left space for a wine fridge. This  space brings a huge value to this home . When this homeowner  get ready to sell this will help it sell for more and quickly.

Cow Skin Rug

I know I keep talking about the cow skin rug. It is virtually indestructible and looks awesome over another  rug, in a foyer, bedroom, or bath. You can't go wrong plus they make the space fun. It works in all decors and it goes with anything.


La Dolfina said...

You are impressive!!

Birdie said...

I so agree about the black rail. We are house hunting right now and as soon as I walk in and see an orangy or oaky railing, I think I would immediately paint it black. I think I like the kick white though. How do you get such a glossy flawless finish on the black railing?

ohio12 said...

the above comment was posted by me under my daughter's account accidentally. sorry. :)

ohio12 said...

the above comment was posted by me under my daughter's account accidentally. sorry. :)

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I just found your blog thanks to Joni ! Love your style ! I am in the market for a new front door and live near Morristown, Tn. Could you give me Sam's info. Thanks ! vickydar@charter.net

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Just found your blog from Joni...love your taste!

Giovanni said...

I love all the new touches you have put on your beautiful home! The front door looks amazing and so welcoming. I also love the new light fixtures that are unique blend of rustic and modern. You have great taste in home decor, would you be interested in making a few changes to my house?

Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

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