100% Return on investment

Did you know per the National Association of Realtors that a new front door is the only thing you can do to your home that provides a 100% Return on Investment 
Of course this is how I justify changing every front door of almost every house I have purchased or my clients home. I am amazed at how many ugly doors there are in the world. (I know I think about strange things like ugly front doors ). 
Anyway this new construction already had a two story challenging front. It was a two story front and I questioned why a builder would do this on the front of a house. Yes I did ask a contractor if we could take off the two story front. The answer was no based on the cost and my sweet husband who said "you have lost your mind!" Okay so two story entrance stays so the question was how to distract from that ugly two story stone monstrosity entrance? 
A new double front door to replace the single door. The double door was made from Cypress  and of course glass to let natural light in. The end result is beautiful and helps distract from the awkwardness of the two story entrance. Plus a nice return on investment 
Hope you had a great Tuesday 


momof3 said...

Holy Cow! What an improvement! I didn't think it could look even remotely good until I scrolled down and saw the "after" picture. Very impressive.....

Jeanne Eige said...

You are Good!!!

Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

Wow! The new open, double door really opens that space up. Love the light fixtures, wreaths and bench....they all make it so inviting. You have a great eye!

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