The Ugly Pantry Door

My latest house has the oh so gorgeous bifold pantry doors with wire shelves. Please I don't know who invented wire shelving but it is not good for anything. Things don't stand up straight, things fall over its awful. It's like the wire hangar from the movie Mommy Dearest. Don't use wire shelves. So next on my list is to remove the wire shelves in my pantry  with solid wood or mdf or laminate. 
I then had another idea which is to remove the bifold pantry doors  and replace with something more interesting 
Brad Johnson at has some fabulous architectural doors from France
He goes to France and selects items and has them shipped in containers back to Knoxville. Amazing things. So I thought how cool to replace the ugly doors of my pantry with a set of French doors

My ugly Pantry doors 
The doors I am dreaming of from Brads store 
Love Where You Live
Stacy Jacobi Interiors 


Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

Those doors are a must. What a great resource!

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