White dish obsession and other issues

HI am not sure who thought a desk in a kitchen was a good idea but for me it's just a big ugly place to dump things that no one including me wants to see. I love white dishes and I like being able to see them and use them. It's easy for my family to grab what they need instead of searching thru dark cabinets. This Kitchen is on the small side so it makes it even easier to get what you need and even put the dishes away. Love how this turned out its exactly as I imagined it would look . Happy Saturday 
Stacy Jacobi Home
Love where you Live 

The before of a useless desk and a tall cabinet in the wrong color 
My favorite carpenter Larry making it beautiful 
Painted Benjamin Moore natural Creme in a semi gloss finish
My favorite white dishes by Montes Doggett www.montesdoggett.com (to the trade)


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