I know I am Crazy

I know I am crazy.  Flipping 12 houses in 12 years qualifies me for the crazy award. I love strange objects and these gourds have been my friends since 2006. They were picked up at a craft mall ( I know some of you are thinking really a craft mall!) yes they were on the floor in a booth without a home. Anyway I love the shape and texture the color is awsome. I have used them on mantels, in a bathroom, on a table, in a foyer and in white kitchens like  this photograph. So be on the look out for crazy things like this that may not make sense to your friends but make sense to you . These gourds look good and many have commented and asked where I got them and wanted them for their homes. So yes I am crazy but these gourds are interesting and that to me is good design. Buy what you love and figure out where to use later. Or if your like me use them in different ways in different houses !
Happy Friday 
From Crazy  


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