The Butlers Pantry

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am all about a butlers pantry. I go out of my way to incorporate that into new construction and renovations. You can always find some unused space to have a butlers pantry. My definition of a Butlers Pantry is as follows: a great place to house all the dishes,glasses, platters, trays, wedding gifts and miscellaneous items we want to keep. David my sweet and adoring husband knows I have a dish sickness. He let's me keep buying dishes in hopes that one day I will cook. Good luck with that dream. Anyway a buyers pantry can be many things depending on the space. I have added ice makers, second fridges, microwaves, open shelves, glass shelves and the list goes on and on. The Butlers pantry should be a space that is beautiful. A space you can show off and a place you can hide in when you want to get away. My last butlers pantry was a bathroom in a previous life and it was a great butlers pantry as it housed my coffee maker. I could pull up a stool and sit in there with The door closed have a cup of coffee and no one could find me!
The picture below was from a project where we incorporated a butlers pantry into an existing laundry room. We moved the laundry and had enough room for this butlers pantry and a much needed half bath. The space was initially underutilized and we reconfigured and ended up with three spaces ; laundry , butlers pantry and a half bath .
We used stock black cabinets , open shelves, subway tile with grey grout, soft gold sink and faucet , gold library lights and of course a marble counter top. 
Will post the beautiful half bath tomorrow 
Happy Thursday. 


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