The Door

I am convinced that front doors can be one of the most important things we select for our homes. I also think that while I love many different types of doors selecting the right one for the appropriateness and style  of the house should dictate the style of door. For example it pains me to see a heavy iron clad door with a dark bronze gate affixed to the door that is somehow selected and placed on a traditional house . Rarely do I think this type of door looks good on a house.  Maybe if you own a castle with.a  Moat! 
However this  photo I found  on a Dallas Texas business website called Love that Door. A client suggested I look at their website and this door I found I am so in love with. It's somewhat contemporary with it's X motif and small gold details. It would look amazing. Tell me what you think
Off to beautiful Knoxville Tennessee by way of Dallas Tx!! Happy Saturday


Cesar Buitrago said...

Well, the door looks cool and different from normal ordinary door and golden handles make it more beautiful. Pro Storm protection also makes beautiful doors. Have a look at designs @ Impact Front Doors

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