Simple is sometimes the right approach

My husband always says he is a simple man and reminds me I am not simple . I disagree but that's another story ! Simple can be a easy design solution. Don't overthink the space. Ask yourself can we save the cabinets and paint them? In this kitchen it was a yes. Can we add a backsplash of subway tile? Yes. Simple, elegant and a cost efficient option. Use a grey or darker grout for a unique vintage look. Lighting is also a simple way to change a look. Here we used a pottery barn option. The floors we initially thought were too yellow once we painted the cabinets that wasn't an issue any more. Again saving money! Where we splurged was on these gorgeous marble counter tops. They made this kitchen amazing. Simple but amazing!
Off to the Atlanta Market will send my favorite finds tomorrow. Happy Simple Saturday.


Agustin Holiday said...

I love your marble benchtop! I agree that a simple one looks better than those overly- designed ones. Since it's the kitchen and we're dealing with food preparation here, I guess it's best to choose practicality over style. Great choice and good job, guys!

Agustin Holiday @ Cutting Edge Stone

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