White Perfection

I have not blogged in forever! I have been on spring break where my family spent a week in Rosemary Beach (one of my favorite places ) If you haven't been to Rosemary Beach in Florida I encourage you to at the very least drive thru. The architecture is amazing. So many beautiful homes and so fun to just bike and relax. You  can walk to the beach and have  breakfast, lunch and dinner and never get in your car until time to come home.
The other  reasons for not blogging (as I make excuses) is I have traveled to Knoxville to work on some real estate listings and several design projects. Last I have spent time In Ardmore, Ok working at my husbands Chick Fil A. Which has been very very busy!! I am laughing when I say I can cook anything we sell at  Chick fil A and I can also make an amazing Chocolate Shake when needed!
I prefer to renovate / decorate or sell a house instead of making shakes and chicken but sometimes I have to help David.
Thought for your Sunday:

 I have been asking myself  why if you are renovating a bathroom would you select this tub, light, paint color and tile selection in this first photo vs. the second photo. I know I love white so when I initially saw this bathroom my mind went straight to a white free standing tub. I think this corner tub is awkward especially if I  tried  to fit myself into this tight space!! David my sweet chicken selling husband says he too can be a interior designer/renovator and just make everything white. I told him to stick with selling chicken. Anyway, I personally think the space is better with the marble floor, Benjamin Moore paint in London Fog, the Currey light and the free standing egg shaped tub. White perfection.
I am back


Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

I have often wondered how the corner tubs could be comfortable. Your choice is outstanding and so fresh looking.

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