The amazing fireplace transformation

When you buy an old house and sometimes a new one you can inherit an ugly fireplace surround. I have seen green marble, pink Tennessee marble and even floor tile used as a surround. It's as if the builder or homeowner just decided to buy or select whatever was on sale that day without much thought. I thought the only way to make a fireplace better after the fact was to tear it all out and start over. Until I met Mike aka 'pizza man' he is a fireplace saver. He can transform any fireplace and make it look like limestone. His product is a fire resistant hard coat stucco product. He can do it in a tan color but I prefer a lighter white color. He has saved many fireplaces for me and the cost is reasonable. The process is a two day process and less invasive and messy than if we had to tear it out and start over 
Here is the latest one he did for my client 
I think it looks so much better. We are going for a cleaner updated look in this home and this is the starting point for the living room update.
New furniture next

Happy Wednesday 


Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

Great transformation! Can't wait to see the rest!

Rosie ASE said...
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Rosie ASE said...

Nice changing & it's give a new plan to give a new look for a old home. I also prefer natural stone design products for my home decoration.

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