Lighting Craziness 101

This week I received a design question via text: it went like this client 'I want to paint my cabinets' me; " that's the least of the issues I see ( I know I am rude at times ) the 5 + pendant lights I saw caused me to feel as If I was on a boat and sea sick! The style is unattractive and then to have that many in one place is overwhelming for me. It would have been one of the first things if it was my house to come down. It would be a "I will live in darkness before looking at all those pendants type of moment!" The good news my client and I have a good relationship and I suggested the following: take all of those down as I have yet to see frosted globes as a design choice in any design/shelter magazines. Let's do some updated lighting throughout starting with removing those pendants. I have used the Pottery barn Bolton lantern in several applications. It's a great price for a lantern and it comes in two sizes. This room is open to many rooms so the larger one is my choice for this room. Using two will give nice light and we will have light from various can lights as well in her kitchen.Her worry was the clear glass may make it too bright so I  suggested dimmers. My sweet chicken selling husband says we could have financed one of our three daughters college education with our investment into having our lights placed on dimmers. Whatever sweet husband bright lights at my age are not my friend !
Anyway back to our lighting issues. 
We have now added the two lanterns my client loves the updated look and we are changing the breakfast room light to a drum shade. Pictures soon of that change happy Sunday xo
Stacy j


Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

Love the new lighting. I do have a question. How did you address the "holes" where all of the pendants had been? I have one light fixture over my island and I would rather have two lanterns similar to the ones you used here.

Jamie said...

Mini cans were installed where the holes were.

Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

Thanks and that would be an easy fix!

HistoricHomeReno said...

Are these 10 ft ceilings?

Stacy Jacobi said...


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