The thankful things in my life

Since  moving to Oklahoma after living in glorious Tennessee I have struggled .
Tennessee has been my home for over 15 years and certainly feels like home to me and my family.
Although my parents moved me to Oklahoma when I was 9 from California I never really felt like Oklahoma was my home. So as I have been here in Oklahoma for the past 10 months it has felt longer. Everyone here has been gracious and kind and tried to make us feel at home. I wonder how long it takes for something to feel like home. So as I complained to The sweet chicken selling husband yesterday how I missed my old house (yes all 13 of them)and my friends and my work with great real estate and design clients and all the amazing realtors that have been kind to me In a very  competitive business. I thought today I don't want to blog as I was feeling sorry for myself! Then I saw a picture I took last Sunday of my sister Lolly on her 41 Birthday. She is 10 years younger than me and my baby sister. I have felt like her Mom on occasions and she and I have always been close. She is my voice of reason when I am about to fall off my crazy cliff. She is kind. She is special and she is smart. She is an elementary teacher and her husband Matt a women's college basketball coach. They recently bought their first home in a nearby town close to me and I went and helped decorate. My sister is a teacher and her husband Matt a college coach with two young children so the budget doesn't allow for shopping sprees. So I went to TJ Maxx and Ross and got lamps and art and frames and helped make their home special ( I hope) 
Waverly my niece loves her room and Cael my nephew ( who is so sweet and was born with a cleft lip) was also excited but when I didn't have time to finish his room he wants me to come back and finish decorating. Design/ decorating does make a difference for kids especially in a new home and new city as they are experiencing. Waverly has taken anyone who comes over "to see her room " and says she loves it. So while I am still sad and missing my home I am so           thankful today to be able to spend time however long or short with my sister, my niece and nephew and my brother in law. 


Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

Such a sweet post.

patricia m said...

I love pendant light changes. The paint on the brick shocked me! Loved it, but I do live in a White House so I know you wouldn't want to change my home color. Tn. Home

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