I have had a few things going on so blogging has been last on my to do list 
After long discussions with ny sweet Chick Fil A  husband we decided to let our girls finish high school back in Knoxville where they grew up (hard to move in high school) hard to move me as well as I live and breathe design and real estate and my business was established in Knoxville 
So we will be that family that travels back and forth to see each other 
I have bought a little knox box that is cute  and for once move In ready ( ya right)
The seller did such a cute job with light fixtures and her furniture I was hooked 
I can think of 10 things I would love to do but as the BFF said to me "you may have to be patient and redo it in stages like normal people do!" Okay BFF I will try 
One of my favorite clients said "patience is a sign of maturity " well I am zero for two I am not normal or patient 
I am thankful to have my girls in Catholic school 
I am thankful to have several design projects going on as well as my real estate listings . The saying you don't appreciate something until you don't have it was so true for me. I missed renovation work and the challenges of selling real estate so I am thankful to be back
I am fortunate to have the most amazing husband who recognized our entire family deserves to be happy and he gets his dream of owning and operating a Chick Fil A while girls are back home and I am working 
Please pray for our family while we travel back and forth to see each other. More
pictures of new house and design projects to follow 
If I can help you with your next project or 
Your real estate needs please call me 865-803-2918


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