The necessary items for the next house.

Here are a few things I want to see in my new Knox Box. Some I own, some I don't some may or may not work. I love built ins any time they can be added it gives a great layer to the space and makes it feel more like home. My children, husband and friends are a must. Some Chick Fil A daily is also a necessity. Hope you have a fabulous week.
Love where you live!
If you don't call me
Stacy Jacobi Interiors

Every house needs some Boral Brick Recote Paint like I put on this one 

And a new front door like this one from Sam Vargas!

And Gas lanterns of course for some magic. 
Friends who celebrate how crazy you are!
Friends who call you family and have a room ready for you at all times.
My brown cabinet from OP Jenkins many have tried to buy from me and I hope I can use it in the next house. 

My Oklahoma house with the amazing Urban electric lanterns I will miss you!

My black metal bed and slate grey linen bedding is coming with me !

A great idea for the third floor so my teenagers can read or hide from me. 

Southeast salvage has great lights at great prices for over the new island. 

I love these gold plates with black knobs can I have 30 of these to go please. 

The three daughters always laughing at me or eye rolling. 
I force my sweet friends to eat Chick Fil A 

Barn Frames A Must. 
Lighting for the bathroom from Circa lighting. Always classic yet simple. 

Our Chick Fil A huge blessing for our family and many others. 

I can always find a place for this library light it comes in a variety of finishes. Use it in a bathroom, bedroom or over a bookcase. 

I love this for a powder bath. 

My black King size metal bed I love!.
I love this built in china cabinet would be pretty in a bathroom or hall or kitchen or dining. 

Bookcases I did in a previous house I love the X!

What to say about the middle child: she is funny, beautiful and a tough negotiator 

Everyone needs a cow hide. I was raised on a farm so I can't forget where I came from. This is a good reminder. 

Pizza man can work his magic on any fireplace and you get this clean limestone looking option. 

A house isn't a home without some marble somewhere or everywhere. 

This needs to be built in place of the current kitchen desk please!

Friends that tell you what you need to hear vs what you want to hear -

The Chick Fil A sweet husband. 

The rainbow runners

I love this as a door not a window. 


Vikki said...

Hey Stacy - love your blog. Show this video to your hubby. They got the title of the song wrong (base vice bass) but we know what they meant.

Vikki in VA

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